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Info Seminar 260814 : International Taxationof Oil & Gas and other Mining Activities

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Romi Irawan
Partner of Transfer Pricing Services at DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center

He is responsible for handling transfer pricing controversies, as well as the design, review, implementation and documentation of transfer pricing policies. He has been involved in various industries, such as crude palm oil industry, automotive industry, pulp and chemicals industry.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management from the University of Indonesia, and his Master’s degree in Corporate Financial Management from Gadjah Mada University.

He is a regular speaker in various seminars and trainings organized by DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center, covering topics in transfer pricing.

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R. Herjuno Wahyu Aji
Manager, Tax Compliance and Litigation Services at DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center

He is responsible for Tax Advisory and Compliance Services for multinational companies including those engaged in automotive industry, mining and poultry feed industry. He is also responsible for Tax Dispute and Litigation Strategies. Prior to joining DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center, he was an Account Representative at Directorate General of Taxes (DGT).
He received his Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Indonesia.
He has completed certificate A of Indonesian Tax Consultant Examination. In 2010, he attended a course on “Statement of Financial Accounting Standard No. 50 and 55”, held by DGT (2010). In 2013, he attended a course on “International Taxation of Oil and Gas and other Mining Activities”, held by IBFD, Singapore (2013).
He is also frequently involved as a trainer, lecturer or speaker in several tax training and seminars held by private institutions, government institutions, and universities.


Anggi Tambunan
Assistant Manager, Tax Compliance and Litigation Services at DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center

He is responsible for litigation strategies, implementation of tax review systems, and tax analysis, primarily for mining industry, forwarding and supply-chain transportation industry, automotive industry, airplanes industry, household’s manufacturer industry, chemicals industry, IT industry, hotels and heavy equipment industry.

He has completed certificate C of Indonesian Tax Consultant Examination and has been licensed to practice as registered tax consultant.He holds license to practice as tax attorney by Tax Court.

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The seminar is valuable for Tax Directors, Managers, Advisers and Professionals in the area of oil and gas and other mining Industry.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Start from 9am-5pm

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. This industry is a composite of many functions, ranging from the search for the mineral in its natural underground reservoir to the marketing of refined products. Consequently, this industry raises many issues involving international tax.

To determine the proper tax treatment of oil and gas transactions, one needs to have a basic understanding of the various mineral interests. Since an examining officer receives a tax return that is in the business of oil and gas or has related oil and gas business activities, one needs to scrutinize the return carefully to determine its potential for examination. There are many different areas that could generate issue or issues that need to be looked at during the examination.

As part of our strategic vision, we have awareness regarding oil & gas and mining industry as the importance of industry to national income. This seminar is designed to provide participants with in-depth analyses of international taxation issues according to those issues. This seminar will also strengthen your international tax knowledge in oil and gas sector and other mining industries.

It starts with an overview of relevant international tax considerations in this field and how these tax risks are managed. The tension between source and residence taxation of multinational enterprises and their employees involved in the oil and gas and other mining activities are explored further in sessions dealing with offshore exploration activities, permanent establishments, treaty characterization of various types of income that are associated with this industry and the taxation of expatriate employees.

The seminar also provides analyses of transfer pricing issues that are commonly found in the oil and gas and other mining industries and provides insights into how these issues are managed.

Topics Covered:

>> Introduction:

  • Comprehensive features of the industry;
  • Relationship between income tax of domestic law and tax treaties.

>> Key issues:

  • Legal status of the contract in the context of the tax law;
  • PE concept in relation to specific application according natural resources;
  • Characterization of income for treaty purposes and examples of case law:
    – The importance of treaty characterization;
    – Residence vs source state taxation;
    – Business profits;
    – Royalties;
    – Management and technical services fees;
    – Personal services;
    – Transportation income;
    – Leasing and rental income;
    – Bareboat and time charters;
    – Supply of equipment;
    – Personal services;
    – Contract fees;
    – Subcontractor;
  • Taxation of expatriate employees;
  • Transfer pricing issues in the oil and gas and other mining industries;
  • Cost recovery for oil and gas industry.

>> Key Benefits of Attending:

  • The participants would be benefit by focusing in-depth analysis of international tax issues of oil and gas and other mining industries;
  • The seminar aims to manage the complex issue between source and residence employer with their employee in the field of such activities;
  • The participants also become familiar with the tax treaty concept, practical of transfer pricing issue and the domestic tax policy with regards to oil and gas and other mining industries;
  • This seminar will deliberate the analysis of income characterization in the field of international tax and common transfer pricing issues as well as the settlement of the issues that they normally handled;
  • Interactive participation, and Q&A sessions;
  • Sharing international tax risk with tax professional from oil industry.


DDTC’s Training Center
Menara Satu Sentra Kelapa Gading
6th Floor, Unit #0601 – 0602
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading LA3 No.1
Summarecon, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240

“Our seminars combine practices and recent developments with comparative studies.” 


Seminar kit, Updated hardcopy material, Certificates, Coffee break and meals, Library access, and others modern supporting facility


IDR 3.000.000 per person. Due to limited seating available (25 seats), we recommend that you register early to reserve your seat.


1. Early Bird Discount: Register and pay before 12 August 2014 to achieve up to 15% SAVINGS on the standard rate.
2. Team Discount: Register two (2) delegates and receive 20% discount off the standard rate.
All group registration must be from the same company, at the same time and for the same event.
Registrants must choose between the most advantageous discount option.
Only one discount is available at the time a registration is made.


For further information and details, please contact:

Ms Eny Marliana

Mobile-phone : +62 815 898 0228
Phone            :  +6221 2938 5758

Ms Indah Kurnia

Mobile-phone: +62 856 192 6643
Phone            : +6221 2938 5758


Please click here to download the registration form


Menara Satu Sentra Kelapa Gading
Unit #0501 & Unit #0601 – #0602
Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading LA3 No. 1, Summarecon,
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, 14240, Indonesia

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